Friday, May 30, 2008

A hui hou

this webthings challenge was fun for the most part. i will be honest, i started this challenge just to get the mp3 player, and possibly win the Wii. since i started though, it has been enlightening. i learned about so many different things that OCL offers as well as the internet. i think the library should continue w/ ListenNJ. i have shared things like youtube with my friends. i knew about podcasts, so i continue to use things for podcasts. however, i learned about vodcasts (videocasts). thank you for introducing me and opening my eyes to various new things.


the habit i find easiest of the 7 1/2 habits of highly successful lifelong learners is habit 7 1/2. PLAY. i always love a good time. playing is sometimes the best way to learn. you are interacting with others, and like i said interaction w/ others is great learning experience.
i would consider habit 2 to be the hardest for me. at least as time has gone on, i have slacked off when it comes to my education. i dont put as much effort into it as i should/could. however, my mind is always looking to learn more about the world i live in, the people around me and across the world. so i live with an open mind, and like to take as many opportunities to learn outside the classroom realm.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


idk if i did this correctly (for my blog). i have 2 books checked out, oliver twist and sly stories. i was surprised to see that this service is available. getting a book read w/o going to the library or book store and having some read it for you is pretty cool. and it doesnt cost anything...even better. my one question for this is if it can be done w/ books, can it be done w/ cds and movies. if so, it would cut down the theft that surrounds us here at the library w/ books, cd's, and DVD's that go "missing". not only that, but it may bring in more patrons to access a DVD from home, much like the OnDemand movies that you have to pay for.


this podcasting wasnt so easy as it usually is. i have some experience w/ podcasts, yet when i tried to explore odeo, it wasnt happening. i dont know if it was the computer, but it just would not open odeo for me. it took forever to "load", and when it did, it took me to a completely different site. so i used trusty ol' google to search "beachvolleyball podcasts" and came up with this wonderful CBS podcast.

Ehhh....Whats up Doc?.....Thats Google Doc To You.

i'm not sure exactly what i would use Google Docs for if i have Word. it isinteresting b/c as much as i use google, i never really explored it to know that they had Google Documents and other stuff as well. perhaps if i didnt have microsoft word, this would help out a great deal and i wouldnt have to go out and pay $80+ for Microsoft Office. thanks for the Google insight.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Before & After (wheel of fortune fans) - me &

Jersey BADA BING!!!! can you handle it????

9 teen

Welcome to The Web 2.0 Awards. We are proud to present the winner of this years sports category.....(drum roll) (crowd awaits dramatically). iStats Fitness. i like this b/c you can track your workout at the gym or any exercise and monitor your weight and what not to see how you are progressing.